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5 Ways to Cut College Textbook Costs

Don’t have $200 to spend on a college textbook that you’ll only need for a few months? Join the club. College textbook costs have risen faster than health care, housing, and college tuitions combined. In response, students are getting creative about ways to save money on their instructors’ book lists. So grab your ISBN number, and take notes…

5 Ways to Cut College Textbook Costs

College textbook prices

What’s the first sign that you’re paying too much for college textbooks? When you find yourself debating over which books to keep in the shopping cart, and which ones to make do without.

To succeed in your courses, you need to be able to purchase each and every book on your roster…and you shouldn’t have to go hungry because of it.

The facts are that college textbook prices have bubbled to an astounding 812% increase since the 80s, outpacing the 559% increase in college tuition and fees.

One brand-new edition can cost almost as much as a new iPad- as much as $300.00. In one year, you may spend close to $1,000 on college textbook materials alone.

Even your professor would agree

Your professor may choose the books he wants for his course, but it’s up to you to find the best deal possible. Fortunately, there are many budget-friendly ways to cut back on textbook prices, without compromising on compliance to your instructor’s reading requirements.

1- Don’t get suckered in!

First of all, many book publishers have a habit of issuing new editions of college textbooks every few years, for no other reason than to keep the book price sky high.

Most likely, The History of Modern Industrialism, 11th edition and The History of Modern Industrialism, 10th edition are pretty much the same book, as far as content goes.

And isn’t that all that matters?

2- Buy used!

Why pay full price for a new hard-covered 800-page volume, when you can easily find a suitable used version for a fraction of the cost?

3- Compare prices online

Let others do the work for you. Visit a college textbook price comparison site like Book Bargain, and instantly find the cheapest copy available, based on your title or ISBN number.

4- Rent books!

College textbook rentals are becoming more popular as a means of acquiring books without breaking the budget. To optimize on the savings, make sure you return your book rental as early as possible.

5- Read electronically!

Another trend that’s just becoming more popular is opting for e-books that can be purchased or rented. It’s still a growing market, so you may have to shop around for college textbook material, as most e-book stores on iTunes and Amazon feature K-12 educational materials.

Save time and money- Book Bargain can also tell you if the college textbook you’re seeking is available for purchase or rental, and find you the lowest price.


Is Your Used Textbook Sell-Back Worthy?

School’s out, and now you need some spending cash to spend the summer in style. Before you can sell back your used college textbooks for spare change, you’ve gotta know their value, so you don’t get ripped off. To get the most money back on your used textbooks, you have to be able to assure would-be buyers that you’ve got some great quality used books to sell back. Here are some helpful tips for selling your used textbooks at maximum profit.

Dog, no!

We know bookmarks slip out easily, but there is just no excuse for dog-eared pages in a book that you hope to sell back. Folding the upper corner because you’re too harried to find a piece of scrap paper is a book-lover’s crime worthy of punishment. And the penalty? No money back. Zero. Nada. That book is yours forever.

Give yourself extra bonus points for straight, unfolded pages!

Irresponsible note-taking

Unless you’re a genius on the caliber of Einstein or Hawking, your college class notes are probably not worth preserving in permanent ink. So please, don’t highlight, scribble, or circle must-read talking points all over your used textbook pages. If you suddenly have a groundbreaking epiphany in the middle of lectures, just say it into your iPhone voice diction app, or text it to yourself.

Are your pages clean and doodle-free? High five!

Shelve it

Everything needs a place, and the place to put your textbook is not on the kitchen table where it will get smudged with ketchup or doused with beer. Designate a shelf for storing college textbooks, so that at the end of the semester when you’re ready to sell back, you’ll get top dollar!

Are the cover and binding still strong, and free of rips or stains?

Find the best book dealer

Once you know how much money your used textbooks are worth, it’s time to start selling! Instead of hawking your wares all over the internet, your best bet is to go to an all-in-one bookselling site dedicated to getting you the best deal on used textbooks, for selling and purchasing.

Book Bargain does the work for you. Enter the ISBN number of the textbook you want to sell, and we’ll scan the internet to get you the most bucks for your books. Choose from top online book retailers, such as Amazon, alibris, Powell’s Books, eCampus, AbeBooks, and Valore Books.

Sell back your used textbooks!

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