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College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

By now you’re good and settled into your college dorm room, having unpacked all your clothes and bought handy dorm room organizers and furniture, right? Well, if you’re a dude, then you’ve probably waited until the very last minute to start playing “Martha Stewart.” Well, here are some great college dorm room furnishings that are essentially male-ccentric, from flashing neon signs to compact sporting goods and storage.

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

Loft bed

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

A loft bed is an essential space saver for your college dorm. You don’t need to run to IKEA- this black metal finish loft bed is available at Amazon, plus you get free shipping! Get it for $198.97!

Mini trampoline

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

A mini trampoline is a great workout for rainy days, plus at 40 inches it’s super portable for your college dorm room. Get it for $39.99!

Neon Signs    

    College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes    

The Flashing Illuminated Erasable Neon LED Message Writing Board is made for restaurants, but you can also use it for your college dorm to make cool neon artwork or leave a message for your dorm mate. Get it for $44.89!

Door Sign

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

This Man Cave door sign tells everybody else in your dorm that you mean business. Make a statement to those who dare to enter, or find something else that better suits your personality. Get it for $6.77!

Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

Ever notice that you’re most likely to remember important class deadlines at the worst possible moment… like when you’re in the shower and don’t have a pen and paper handy? That’s the genius of Aqua Notes. Each pad contains 40 sheets of waterproof paper; preserve those great term paper or class project ideas, organize thoughts and tasks for the day ahead, or leave messages in the shower for dorm mates! Get it for $7.95!

Wall Mounted Bike rack


If you’ve gotta ride, then you’ve gotta find space for your bike- not an easy task in a 15×15 college dorm space. RAD Cycle Products makes this awesome hoist that lets you store 2 bikes on your ceiling. Get it for $26.34!

Your turn!

Will you use any of these great college dorm decorating tips?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.


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How to meet Guys in College: Top 10 Tips

College guys 101: So you’re a single girl in an awesome college, and by now you’ve figured out that the long-distance relationship thing just doesn’t work. Time to meet some new guys, but how? Here is some expert dating advice for meeting guys in college without being “That Girl.

How to meet Guys in College: Top 10 Tips

You’ve got the hot designer labels, membership in the coolest sorority, and the latest iPhone, so…what’s missing? A new boyfriend!

Ok, let’s back up here. Was it always like this? No. You left Peter behind in Wichita and now you need a “college guy” to complete your ensemble.

Where’s a girl to look? There are plenty of places to meet guys, but you need to follow these simple rules:

1) Don’t leave without a cute ensemble!

Never leave your dorm without your make-up and hair done to the nines. You never know if that spontaneous trip to the university Laundromat is where you’ll meet Mr. Amazing on the Campus. Even Taco Bell may be a college hunk hangout! So, always do a lip gloss check. Don’t ask why.

2) Hang out in places with high guy-girl ratios

This usually means sporty, logical places to meet guys from your college. For example sports parks are a sure win. There are guys hanging out doing testosterone-filled stuff. That works to your advantage. First of all, there are no other sorority girls to compete with, so you’ll look like a supermodel just because of the odds. Secondly, their testosterone levels are up, so you’ll look like a supermodel anyways…win-win!

Great places to meet guys at college would be the Science or Computer lab- major chances there. Or try the math section in your campus library.

3) Join the campus gym.

I cannot tell you how many dating success stories started at the gym. It’s just like going clubbing without the drinking: you get hot pumping music, endorphins instead of an alcohol high, and a stimulating undercurrent in the room. Plus you’ll get fit while cruising for guys. If you’re college doesn’t have a gym, then check out something local.

4) Go to the frat parties.

Ok, so 90% of the guys at college parties are wasted or doing beer chasers, but you might meet one of the sensitive 10% in the corner. Go to as many college frat parties as you can, even if you have to crash.

Click this! Drinking Safely in College- Top Ten Tips

5) Eat at Taco Bell.

Don’t ask why, but college guys love fast food establishments. Tacos and enchiladas are filling food for a cheap price, so they’re a hit with the college dudes. Put on your sombrero and high heels and take a booth. I can almost guarantee you will get hit on.

6) Frequent coffee joints near campus.

This is a great way to meet guys who go to your college, but you have to use strategy. Go to the same coffee place at the same time on a regular basis for about two months. If you have no luck with that time frame, then choose another one, or a different location.

This establishes a routine where a potential suitor can watch you and know when you will arrive. This can also give him an opportunity to observe you and work up the courage to ask you out. Always refer back to rule one while doing this.

7) Shop in the guys section of a clothing store.

This is a great trick for meeting college guys. Speak loudly to the salesperson that your brother likes browns and button-ups. This is an obvious ploy to squash any ideas that you may be shopping for a boyfriend, and is subconsciously registered as flirting by the male brain.

8) Go to church…or synagogue

Every guy wants a college girl he can take back home to mom. Sunday morning services are where the marrying types hang…seriously. A dude who fulfills his religious obligations makes for good boyfriend material.

9) Ask for road service.

Pull over on the side of the road with a map. Guys love being the knight in shining armor, even academic college types. Park a mile away from college, and stand on the side of the road looking bewildered. Give it a few minutes. A guy will eventually pull over and ask if you need help. Look relieved and grateful. He’ll eat it up.

 10) Get a life.

This is the single most important rule of dating in college and onwards. Call it a law of the universe, but when you are truly focused on your life, your career, and your studies…in other words, when you really don’t have time for a boyfriend…THAT’S when you’ll find the guy of your dreams.

Please tell us…

How do you meet guys in your college? Do you have any new tips to add? Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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College Financial Aid Deadlines- It’s Not Too Late!

If you think you’ve missed your deadline to apply for college financial aid for 2013-2014, then you may be way off! Some colleges have September deadlines for accepting Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but you won’t know if you don’t ask! Plus, if you’ve already applied for federal financial aid for college and want to make corrections or updates, you still have several weeks to make any changes needed.

College Financial Aid Deadlines- It’s Not Too Late!

10 College Budget Tips: Life on a Shoestring

Please call your school and find out if they are still accepting applications for student financial aid- the well may not have completely run dry!!

Financial aid loans are a great deal for covering college tuition- you don’t pay until after you graduate, and the interest doesn’t start increasing until after that time, either, so you only pay current interest rates.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

By September 2013 you should have already filled out your FAFSA form for financial aid, but there’s still time for late-comers to get help with college tuition, depending on which college you’re attending.

Remember, to apply you’ll need to provide current tax paperwork. If your parents haven’t filed taxes for the current year, then you have the option of including tax returns from the previous year with your student aid application, keeping in mind that you will be responsible for any discrepancies later.

College Student Financial Aid Deadlines

From FAFSA: “Any corrections or updates must be submitted by midnight Central Time, September 20, 2014.”

To find out if you’ve missed your college financial aid deadline, visit the FAFSA page. Keep in mind that the federal website for student financial aid only lists deadlines by state. In Mississippi, college students have until September 15 to apply for MTAG and MESG Grants.

Still, your school may still be accepting applications for college financial aid, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

To submit an application for a new financial aid student loan for next year, fill out this FAFSA form by June 2014.

Want to save even more on college costs?

Getting help with college tuition isn’t enough. College is expensive! To really get through the next 4-6 years without going broke, you have to stick to a very strict budget.

The best way to do that is to buy college textbooks at the rock-bottom prices, since college textbooks make up the bulk of your spending outside of tuition.

Don’t shop around!

Check out the lowest prices available from one source – Book Bargain. We’ll compare all the bookselling merchants and find you the lowest price for your college textbook requirements.

Your turn!

Have you missed the boat on college financial aid for this year? Will you apply for next year?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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How to Take College Lecture Notes that are Actually Coherent Later

Taking good class notes during a lecture is incredibly important if you’re going to make it in college. While it can help to have a voice-recorder handy for note-taking, it’s still important to have visible college lecture notes in front of your face when it comes to studying for the eventual exam. But if your notes look like scribble-scrabble, then you might as well beg some legible lecture notes off your college classmate…which is a bit too high school, don’t you think? Here is some advice for taking clear, efficient lecture notes you’ll actually be able to use later for finals.

How to Take College Lecture Notes that are Actually Coherent Later - See more at:

Gather your supplies

No war was ever won without the right ammunition, and the same rules apply for the university battleground. To succeed in college, you have to come to class armed with sharp pencils, sturdy notebooks, and other essential school supplies.

You may need:

  • Binders
  • College-ruled paper (not wide-ruled)
  • Ink pens- more than one!
  • Highlighter markers
  • Pencils
  • Laptop with PowerPoint
  • iPad with note-taking apps like iA Writer, Pear Note, or Omni Outliner

Top 20 Must-Have College School Supplies- Where to Buy

If your professor uses PowerPoint notes, then you may be able to download them before his lecture. Check online before class for lecture outlines.

Laptop or paper?

Don’t rule out taking old-fashioned paper and pen notes just because you got a brand-new expensive laptop. Some college students find they need a laptop for certain classes, and the old stand-by college notebook for lectures. Try using a laptop for lecture notes one day, and switching to paper notes the next, and see which results in better, clearer lecture note-taking.

Also, some college professors don’t permit laptops in their classroom, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to leave your laptop computer at your dorm.


Part of taking good lecture notes is listening attentively to your teacher’s lecture style. Most teachers have a style of speaking; they drops clues when they get to points which will be on the exam or when they’re about to stray completely off the topic.

  • Listen for cues like, “Moving on…” or “Next, we’ll discuss…”
  • When your professor pauses during a lecture, he’s not catching his breath- he’s warning you to get your notepad ready!
  • And if he gets repetitive, it’s not because he’s forgetful; it means this is a really important point and you’d better be taking good notes!
  • Likewise, if your professor raises her voice during a lecture, it’s not because she’s hard of hearing- it’s your cue to write this down!

Have a good note-taking system

Hands down, the Cornell method note-taking system is one of the best; it involves dividing your note paper into three sections: Cues, notes, and summary.

Notes column

The “notes” column is on the right-hand side. Use short abbreviated sentences to “transcribe” the lecture in short-hand.

Cues column

Your “cues” column should be on the left-hand side of your notes. Use this section after class to record questions or clues which will later help you remember key ideas presented during the lecture.


Leave a section at the bottom of your college lecture notes for a short summary of the main points you picked up during your college lecture.

To get you started, here’s a Cornell Lecture Notes PDF Generator


Your turn!

Will you use our advice for college lecture notes? Do you have any good study habits to share?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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