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College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

By now you’re good and settled into your college dorm room, having unpacked all your clothes and bought handy dorm room organizers and furniture, right? Well, if you’re a dude, then you’ve probably waited until the very last minute to start playing “Martha Stewart.” Well, here are some great college dorm room furnishings that are essentially male-ccentric, from flashing neon signs to compact sporting goods and storage.

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

Loft bed

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

A loft bed is an essential space saver for your college dorm. You don’t need to run to IKEA- this black metal finish loft bed is available at Amazon, plus you get free shipping! Get it for $198.97!

Mini trampoline

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

A mini trampoline is a great workout for rainy days, plus at 40 inches it’s super portable for your college dorm room. Get it for $39.99!

Neon Signs    

    College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes    

The Flashing Illuminated Erasable Neon LED Message Writing Board is made for restaurants, but you can also use it for your college dorm to make cool neon artwork or leave a message for your dorm mate. Get it for $44.89!

Door Sign

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

This Man Cave door sign tells everybody else in your dorm that you mean business. Make a statement to those who dare to enter, or find something else that better suits your personality. Get it for $6.77!

Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

Ever notice that you’re most likely to remember important class deadlines at the worst possible moment… like when you’re in the shower and don’t have a pen and paper handy? That’s the genius of Aqua Notes. Each pad contains 40 sheets of waterproof paper; preserve those great term paper or class project ideas, organize thoughts and tasks for the day ahead, or leave messages in the shower for dorm mates! Get it for $7.95!

Wall Mounted Bike rack


If you’ve gotta ride, then you’ve gotta find space for your bike- not an easy task in a 15×15 college dorm space. RAD Cycle Products makes this awesome hoist that lets you store 2 bikes on your ceiling. Get it for $26.34!

Your turn!

Will you use any of these great college dorm decorating tips?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.


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How to meet Guys in College: Top 10 Tips

College guys 101: So you’re a single girl in an awesome college, and by now you’ve figured out that the long-distance relationship thing just doesn’t work. Time to meet some new guys, but how? Here is some expert dating advice for meeting guys in college without being “That Girl.

How to meet Guys in College: Top 10 Tips

You’ve got the hot designer labels, membership in the coolest sorority, and the latest iPhone, so…what’s missing? A new boyfriend!

Ok, let’s back up here. Was it always like this? No. You left Peter behind in Wichita and now you need a “college guy” to complete your ensemble.

Where’s a girl to look? There are plenty of places to meet guys, but you need to follow these simple rules:

1) Don’t leave without a cute ensemble!

Never leave your dorm without your make-up and hair done to the nines. You never know if that spontaneous trip to the university Laundromat is where you’ll meet Mr. Amazing on the Campus. Even Taco Bell may be a college hunk hangout! So, always do a lip gloss check. Don’t ask why.

2) Hang out in places with high guy-girl ratios

This usually means sporty, logical places to meet guys from your college. For example sports parks are a sure win. There are guys hanging out doing testosterone-filled stuff. That works to your advantage. First of all, there are no other sorority girls to compete with, so you’ll look like a supermodel just because of the odds. Secondly, their testosterone levels are up, so you’ll look like a supermodel anyways…win-win!

Great places to meet guys at college would be the Science or Computer lab- major chances there. Or try the math section in your campus library.

3) Join the campus gym.

I cannot tell you how many dating success stories started at the gym. It’s just like going clubbing without the drinking: you get hot pumping music, endorphins instead of an alcohol high, and a stimulating undercurrent in the room. Plus you’ll get fit while cruising for guys. If you’re college doesn’t have a gym, then check out something local.

4) Go to the frat parties.

Ok, so 90% of the guys at college parties are wasted or doing beer chasers, but you might meet one of the sensitive 10% in the corner. Go to as many college frat parties as you can, even if you have to crash.

Click this! Drinking Safely in College- Top Ten Tips

5) Eat at Taco Bell.

Don’t ask why, but college guys love fast food establishments. Tacos and enchiladas are filling food for a cheap price, so they’re a hit with the college dudes. Put on your sombrero and high heels and take a booth. I can almost guarantee you will get hit on.

6) Frequent coffee joints near campus.

This is a great way to meet guys who go to your college, but you have to use strategy. Go to the same coffee place at the same time on a regular basis for about two months. If you have no luck with that time frame, then choose another one, or a different location.

This establishes a routine where a potential suitor can watch you and know when you will arrive. This can also give him an opportunity to observe you and work up the courage to ask you out. Always refer back to rule one while doing this.

7) Shop in the guys section of a clothing store.

This is a great trick for meeting college guys. Speak loudly to the salesperson that your brother likes browns and button-ups. This is an obvious ploy to squash any ideas that you may be shopping for a boyfriend, and is subconsciously registered as flirting by the male brain.

8) Go to church…or synagogue

Every guy wants a college girl he can take back home to mom. Sunday morning services are where the marrying types hang…seriously. A dude who fulfills his religious obligations makes for good boyfriend material.

9) Ask for road service.

Pull over on the side of the road with a map. Guys love being the knight in shining armor, even academic college types. Park a mile away from college, and stand on the side of the road looking bewildered. Give it a few minutes. A guy will eventually pull over and ask if you need help. Look relieved and grateful. He’ll eat it up.

 10) Get a life.

This is the single most important rule of dating in college and onwards. Call it a law of the universe, but when you are truly focused on your life, your career, and your studies…in other words, when you really don’t have time for a boyfriend…THAT’S when you’ll find the guy of your dreams.

Please tell us…

How do you meet guys in your college? Do you have any new tips to add? Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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College Financial Aid Deadlines- It’s Not Too Late!

If you think you’ve missed your deadline to apply for college financial aid for 2013-2014, then you may be way off! Some colleges have September deadlines for accepting Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but you won’t know if you don’t ask! Plus, if you’ve already applied for federal financial aid for college and want to make corrections or updates, you still have several weeks to make any changes needed.

College Financial Aid Deadlines- It’s Not Too Late!

10 College Budget Tips: Life on a Shoestring

Please call your school and find out if they are still accepting applications for student financial aid- the well may not have completely run dry!!

Financial aid loans are a great deal for covering college tuition- you don’t pay until after you graduate, and the interest doesn’t start increasing until after that time, either, so you only pay current interest rates.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

By September 2013 you should have already filled out your FAFSA form for financial aid, but there’s still time for late-comers to get help with college tuition, depending on which college you’re attending.

Remember, to apply you’ll need to provide current tax paperwork. If your parents haven’t filed taxes for the current year, then you have the option of including tax returns from the previous year with your student aid application, keeping in mind that you will be responsible for any discrepancies later.

College Student Financial Aid Deadlines

From FAFSA: “Any corrections or updates must be submitted by midnight Central Time, September 20, 2014.”

To find out if you’ve missed your college financial aid deadline, visit the FAFSA page. Keep in mind that the federal website for student financial aid only lists deadlines by state. In Mississippi, college students have until September 15 to apply for MTAG and MESG Grants.

Still, your school may still be accepting applications for college financial aid, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

To submit an application for a new financial aid student loan for next year, fill out this FAFSA form by June 2014.

Want to save even more on college costs?

Getting help with college tuition isn’t enough. College is expensive! To really get through the next 4-6 years without going broke, you have to stick to a very strict budget.

The best way to do that is to buy college textbooks at the rock-bottom prices, since college textbooks make up the bulk of your spending outside of tuition.

Don’t shop around!

Check out the lowest prices available from one source – Book Bargain. We’ll compare all the bookselling merchants and find you the lowest price for your college textbook requirements.

Your turn!

Have you missed the boat on college financial aid for this year? Will you apply for next year?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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How to Take College Lecture Notes that are Actually Coherent Later

Taking good class notes during a lecture is incredibly important if you’re going to make it in college. While it can help to have a voice-recorder handy for note-taking, it’s still important to have visible college lecture notes in front of your face when it comes to studying for the eventual exam. But if your notes look like scribble-scrabble, then you might as well beg some legible lecture notes off your college classmate…which is a bit too high school, don’t you think? Here is some advice for taking clear, efficient lecture notes you’ll actually be able to use later for finals.

How to Take College Lecture Notes that are Actually Coherent Later - See more at:

Gather your supplies

No war was ever won without the right ammunition, and the same rules apply for the university battleground. To succeed in college, you have to come to class armed with sharp pencils, sturdy notebooks, and other essential school supplies.

You may need:

  • Binders
  • College-ruled paper (not wide-ruled)
  • Ink pens- more than one!
  • Highlighter markers
  • Pencils
  • Laptop with PowerPoint
  • iPad with note-taking apps like iA Writer, Pear Note, or Omni Outliner

Top 20 Must-Have College School Supplies- Where to Buy

If your professor uses PowerPoint notes, then you may be able to download them before his lecture. Check online before class for lecture outlines.

Laptop or paper?

Don’t rule out taking old-fashioned paper and pen notes just because you got a brand-new expensive laptop. Some college students find they need a laptop for certain classes, and the old stand-by college notebook for lectures. Try using a laptop for lecture notes one day, and switching to paper notes the next, and see which results in better, clearer lecture note-taking.

Also, some college professors don’t permit laptops in their classroom, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to leave your laptop computer at your dorm.


Part of taking good lecture notes is listening attentively to your teacher’s lecture style. Most teachers have a style of speaking; they drops clues when they get to points which will be on the exam or when they’re about to stray completely off the topic.

  • Listen for cues like, “Moving on…” or “Next, we’ll discuss…”
  • When your professor pauses during a lecture, he’s not catching his breath- he’s warning you to get your notepad ready!
  • And if he gets repetitive, it’s not because he’s forgetful; it means this is a really important point and you’d better be taking good notes!
  • Likewise, if your professor raises her voice during a lecture, it’s not because she’s hard of hearing- it’s your cue to write this down!

Have a good note-taking system

Hands down, the Cornell method note-taking system is one of the best; it involves dividing your note paper into three sections: Cues, notes, and summary.

Notes column

The “notes” column is on the right-hand side. Use short abbreviated sentences to “transcribe” the lecture in short-hand.

Cues column

Your “cues” column should be on the left-hand side of your notes. Use this section after class to record questions or clues which will later help you remember key ideas presented during the lecture.


Leave a section at the bottom of your college lecture notes for a short summary of the main points you picked up during your college lecture.

To get you started, here’s a Cornell Lecture Notes PDF Generator


Your turn!

Will you use our advice for college lecture notes? Do you have any good study habits to share?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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College Myths that are NOT True

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College Myths that are NOT True

The four-year college bachelor’s is the unicorn of educational achievements. Another interesting college myth- that you can’t save money for college, or else you won’t qualify for financial aid. Here are several facts and fallacies about starting out at college that will help you breathe easier.

College Myths that are NOT True

College Myths: Debunked!

You’ll graduate in four years.  According to the US Department of Education, less than 38% of students seeking a 4-year’s bachelor’s degree graduate on schedule. “Approximately 58 percent of first-time, full-time students who began seeking a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year institution in fall 2004 completed a bachelor’s degree at that institution within 6 years…” –  U.S. Department of Education.

All colleges cost a fortune. The average college major price tag can range between $48,000 for a public college education and $250,000 at a private university.

If you save money for college, then you won’t be eligible for a student loan. Federal financial aid is based on your income, accessed up to 47% and only 5.64% of savings. Tip: Use a 529 plan to save for college- the money grows tax-free and withdrawals are tax-free, too, as long as the cash is used for school.

You have to choose your major right away. Actually, most college students change their majors during the course of their studies at least once.  Study up on which majors are most profitable. Try not to be too wishy-washy though- each time you change your college major you risk wasting credits on graduation requirements.

You’ll gain a ton of weight during your first year. The fearsome “Freshman 15” is in reality more like 3 or 4 pounds. To knock it off, join a gym that offers student discounts, walk to school, and join more charity runs.

Professors are unapproachable. Don’t shy away from asking your college professor to clarify a point he made in class. Just don’t ask during his lecture! Wait until after class, and then ask him for 1 minute of his time…and keep it that way. Don’t rattle on. Be precise and direct, and he may become one of your best advocates.

It’s okay to skip 8am classes. Many freshman students make the mistake of signing up for an early morning class and then ditching, or just showing up at finals. Don’t make this mistake! Many college professors take roll, and your attendance can affect your grade.

American colleges rule.  According to Jeff Selingo, author of College Unbound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students, a US education isn’t really all that. “American higher education has lost its way…costs are spiraling out of control and quality is declining, just as increasing international competition demands that higher education be more productive and less expensive.”

Top 10 Colleges with the Best and Worst Graduation Rates

So you made it into the university of your dream. Have you checked your college’s graduation rates? Before taking a gamble on any public or private college, it’s important to know if you’ll be graduating in four years…or longer. The following colleges have the best and worst graduation rates. Is your university listed here? Because it may not be too late to switch…

Top 10 Colleges with the Best and Worst Graduation Rates - See more at:

I dreamed a dream…

It’s a sad reality, but most college students who shoot for a four-year degree end up graduating much later than planned, and racking up even more student debt as a result.

Then there are the graduation hopefuls who don’t end up graduating at all, and find themselves without a degree, but with a lot of student loans to pay off…and no job in sight.

Top 10 Worst Private Colleges

If you’re going to one of these private colleges, then you’d better have a Plan B.

These pricey private colleges scored the worst graduation rates:

  1. Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, Utah- Graduation rate: 6.5%
  2. Long Island University – Brooklyn, NY- Graduation rate: 17%
  3. Benedict College, Columbia, SC- Graduation rate: 27.5%
  4. College of New Rochelle, NY-  Graduation rate: 30.1%
  5. Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA- Graduation rate: 34%
  6. Barry University, Miami Shores, FL- Graduation rate: 35.4%
  7. Florida Memorial University, Miami Gardens, FL- Graduation rate: 36.2%
  8. Bethune-Cookman University, Daytona Beach, FL- Graduation rate: 36.7%
  9. Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, HI- Graduation rate: 38.9%
  10. Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL- Graduation rate:  40.5%

Top 10 Worst Public Colleges

Public colleges are a great option to save money on tuition. Still, they’re not free. You can plan on spending thousands of dollars on books and class fees. If you’re attending any of these public colleges, you should consider relocating to a different public college or a private university.

These public colleges have the lowest graduation rate:

  1. Southern University at New Orleans, LA – Graduation rate: 4%
  2. University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC – Graduation rate: 7.7%
  3. Kent State University-East Liverpool, East Liverpool, OH – Graduation rate: 8.9%
  4. Rogers State University, Claremore, OK – Graduation rate: 11.5%
  5. Texas Southern University, Houston, TX – Graduation rate: 13.3%
  6. Ohio University Southern Campus, Ironton, OH – Graduation rate: 13.7%
  7. Kent State University – Tuscarawas, OH – Graduation rate: 13.9%
  8. Purdue University North Central, IN– Graduation rate: 14%
  9. Cameron University, Lawton, OK– Graduation rate: 14.1%
  10. Ohio University at Chillicothe, OH – Graduation rate: 15.6%

Top 10 Best Colleges

According to Bloomberg, you can put your money on Williams College of Williamstown, Massachusetts. Out of all college students who apply for a 4-year bachelor’s degree, 93.25% graduate successfully. For a 6-year bachelor’s degree, a whopping 96.44% graduate.

All in all, these public and private universities have had the best graduation rates for a 4-year bachelor’s degree:

  1. Williams College, Williamstown, MA- Graduation rate: 93.25%
  2. Yale University, New Haven, CT- Graduation rate: 90.44%
  3. University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN- Graduation rate: 90.08%
  4. Princeton University, Princeton, NJ- Graduation rate: 89.92%
  5. Carleton College, Northfield, MN- Graduation rate: 89.14%
  6. Davidson College, Davidson, NC- Graduation rate: 88.96%
  7. Pomona College, Claremont, CA- Graduation rate: 88.94%
  8. Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME- Graduation rate: 88.79%
  9. Babson College, Wellesley, MA- Graduation rate: 88.55%
  10. Duke University, Durham, NC- Graduation rate: 88.50%

Your turn!                                                                                                                               

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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Bloomberg, Best Graduation Rates: US Colleges

50 state universities with best, worst grad rates

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How to Party at College without being That Girl

Your college years will be the most important of your life, and the college party ritual is the icing on the cake. But here’s the challenge: How do you avoid being “that girl” on campus when nearly 90% of all college parties involve heavy drinking? There must be a way to have a great time at a college party AND get a higher education at the same time…

How to Party at College without being That Girl

1) Don’t be that girl.

Who is she? The one who barrels through a round of Jell-O shots before the party’s even really begun. She’s the one who wears party clothes around the campus every day, even for lectures. That girl always seems to be having a bit too much fun- she’s the life of the party at college, and she’s fun to watch…for a while.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid going to college parties. All work and no party is no way to go through the next four years of college, even if you’re serious about your major.

2) Prepare to party!

Tell a college friend who won’t be at the party that you’ll be coming back late, so she can check up on you the next day to make sure you got back to your dorm safely. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Make sure you have a ride home, but have a credit card AND cash handy, in case your friends go bar hopping and you want to take a taxi back to dorm.

3) Enjoy the party without drinking.

Believe it or not, you can go out with your college friends and have a good time without coming back to your dorm stoned drunk at 3 am.

Have your back-up lines ready:

“I don’t really like drinking. It makes me sick. And then I won’t be any fun at all!”

“I only drink on special occasions.”

“I’d rather sit here and chat.”

“I have a paper due tomorrow morning, and I’m not finished.”

“If you need a ride back to campus after the party, I’m here!”

4) Stand up for yourself!

Consider this the first of many lessons in self-assertion you will experience in college. Once you’ve made the choice not to drink in college, stick to it!

Anybody who tries to talk you into drinking at a college party is probably trying to manipulate you for his own reasons.

Real friends will respect your decision not to drink at a college party. These are the friends you will keep for life!

5) Drink responsibly

That girl on the campus drinks everything that’s put in front of her nose. Instead, follow some basic safe drinking tips when going to a college party. Eat dinner at your dorm room before the party. At the party, try to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Drinking Safely in College- Top Ten Tips

6) Have fun!

Whether or not you decide to have a drink, it’s important to keep a healthy perspective. You’re there to socialize, meet new people, and soak up the whole college party atmosphere. It’s called fun. If at any point the party starts to take a wrong turn, or stops being fun, then leave. Or find somebody else to hang out with.

7) Develop a buddy system

Before the party, you and your college gal pals should set up a code word or phrase to avoid uncomfortable or dangerous scenarios. In case a guy is coming on too strong, or you want to excuse yourself because you really have to leave early to get back to campus to study for an exam. Decide on a secret message to pass on to your friends that means “Time to leave the party!”

Your turn!
Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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10 College Budget Tips: Life on a Shoestring

College tuition is a huge expense. So how are you supposed to get through the next four years with little to no money coming in? Obviously, you need to draw up a college  budget and stick to it. But stretching those dollars only goes so far. Here are some ways for you to live on a sensible college budget while you’re in school:

10 College Budget Tips: Life on a Shoestring

College on a shoestring budget

Discouraged about planning a college budget and sticking to it? Don’t be! This is just the first of many challenges that you will have while working towards your major. With the right attitude, you can have it all- a great college education…and a LIFE.

Ten helpful tips for acing college without going broke!

1) Walk or bike to campus as much as you can.

(It’ll help budget workout expenses!) When a car is absolutely necessary, drive slowly and keep the air conditioning off. Try to use public transportation as well. You can also get a college student discount on bus passes.

2) Buy in bulk.

Load up on food staples like pasta, rice, tuna, cereals, frozen vegetables, and paper supply items. Buying in bulk saves time and is good for your budget during the college years.This can save you lots of money. The extra time you’ve saved can be put to productive use on school textbooks!

3) Always eat at dorm.

Eating out is a luxury you can’t afford; at least, not until you graduate college with honors. If you do decide to splurge on restaurant food, you can still eat without killing your budget; find a buffet which offers a dirt-cheap menu or one that offers early bird specials.

4) Stay away from campus vending machines!

They are notoriously overpriced and take advantage of impulse-buying psychology. Always keep crackers or a healthy energy bar handy in your school bag in case you get the munchies in class or while studying at the college library.

5) Avoid movie theaters.

Movies and theater popcorn will kill your college budget. Instead, borrow movies from your college library, or stream online. You can pop cheap microwave popcorn for a fun night in with friends.

College can be an amazing time, with experiences that you can look back on later in life, smile and say “I did it once; I can do it again!”

6) Use coupons and promo codes.

Lots of online merchants offer promo codes to save money on shipping. Use a price comparison site like Book Bargain before purchasing college textbooks or other college materials online. And don’t forget the old standby, the Sunday newspaper, which is also loaded with money-saving coupons.

7) Buy used books and everything else second-hand.

Every college town has a Salvation Army or Goodwill that’s FULL of great stuff like washed clothing, books, DVDs, bikes, and furniture for your dorm. Many items are barely used or still have the tags on them. Also, check Craig’s list or your classifieds for items. Shopping on a college budget can be loads of fun!

8) Look for free entertainment.

Between studying and college exams, check out your city’s paper or website. Most municipalities offer free concerts or free entrances to various attractions. Student discounts are also available for these events.

9) Share with your dorm mate or frat buddy.

Split the cost of living with your dorm room mate, fraternity brother, or sorority sister. Save on expenses like food, movie rentals, workout equipment…even cool clothing! (Assuming your dorm mate or sorority sis wears the same size and has the same taste in fashion.)

10) Check your campus bulletin boards.  

Be on the lookout for college student discounts and deals. As a student, it’s understood that you’re always strapped for cash. Most local businesses offer special discounts and deals on movies, books, and other goodies. Always check for a student discount before purchasing anything.

Your turn!

Will you use any of these college budget tips? Do you have any questions or suggestions to add?Please leave your comments below!

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Ace College with these Simple Studying Tips

Dorm Room 101: 15 Tips to Kill Clutter

How Not to Look like a Freshman: Advice from College Seniors


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14 Tips for Writing a College Level Essay

Learning how to write a great college-level essay can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially for a freshman just starting out in a new university. Since you’re going to be spending the bulk of the next four years writing essays, you might as well get used it. With practice, good writing skills become second nature. Whether you’re a student working on a school thesis or preparing for a college level exam, these writing tips will help you score an “A!”

14 Tips for Writing a College Level Essay

Write an awesome paper!

College Writing Tips

These 14 important tips for writing a great college paper will get you on the right track.

  1. Don’t procrastinate! You’re not in high school anymore. Resist the temptation to wait until Sunday night to start working on a paper that’s due Monday afternoon. Let’s face it- there’s no way you’re turning in your best work. And your best is what it takes to get a good college education.
  2. Research your material. Do the work. Research your topic on the internet or at your university library. Collect information the way you used to collect Pokémon cards. Your professor isn’t stupid! He can tell the difference between a college thesis that’s been researched and analyzed thoroughly and one that’s been copied and pasted from Wikipedia.
  3. Argue with yourself. Really. Talking to yourself while writing is a great way to produce natural work and will also open doors to fresh insights related to your essay. Challenge yourself; ask yourself questions, then think about clever conclusions.
  4. Stick to one topic. Don’t try to cover the entire Turkish Empire in one essay. Rather, focus on one specific point about that time period, and make it the center of your thesis.
  5. Draft an outline. Before you get writing, make a rough outline organizing your main thoughts and arguments into separate points.
  6. Skip introductions. You still need a great opening paragraph, but don’t get hung up about making that the first step in writing your paper. Jump in anywhere you’re comfortable, and write to your heart’s content. The opener can wait.
  7. Use paragraphs to your advantage. In writing a good college-level paper, it’s important to know how to feed information in small bites, to make the whole essay more digestible. Know when to end one paragraph and start a new one. Paragraphs keep your essay moving without breaking the flow of the train of thought.
  8. Write. Erase. Repeat. Even the most accomplished writers make mistakes- they just don’t publish them! Get used to forming and reforming sentences, correcting mistakes, and then having second thoughts…
  9. Keep it natural…Forget everything your high school English teacher taught you in class. Writing should be an extension of your natural voice. Don’t try to put together cleverly-concocted yet grammatically correct prose. Just write it the way you would say it.
  10. And keep it fresh! College university professors have to read hundreds of papers each year. Want to get his attention? Give him something interesting to read, something unexpected. Avoid the tried-and-true safe thesis topics, such as “Why recycling can save the world,” and come up with a unique idea that’s all your own.
  11. Quote sources. Never ever plagiarize, and always reference an idea that’s not your own. Pick a system of footnoting, and stick to it.
  12. Cite lectures. Mention other college professors in your paper, and you’re bound to get a better grade.
  13. Put it all together now.  A conclusion isn’t a summary of what you just wrote. Rather, a true college-level essay finishes with a paragraph that expertly ties all the loose ends together into one neat little package.
  14. Proofread! This is one of the most important yet overlooked steps in writing your college paper, and the reason why you should never to attempt to complete a whole college essay the day before it’s due. Put your work aside, and return to it several hours later. You’ll get a fresh perspective of your work, and any corrections that require editing will jump right out at you.

Your turn!

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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Dorm Room Survival Kit: 10 Essential Items to Include!

Moving to a new college dorm is a huge new chapter in your life. From cramped dorm rooms and close quarters to sharing bathrooms with total strangers, the whole communal feel can lose its novelty pretty quickly. Still, you’re in for the long haul, and it’s all good.

Dorm Room Survival Kit: 10 Essential Items to Include!

Here are some tips on things that could come in handy in your dorm room:

#1: Can opener – The late night munchies might get you while you’re kicking back at dorm, and that can of tuna sure looks good.

Dorm Room Survival Kit: 10 Essential Items to Include!

EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener with Black Grips Buy now!

#2: Duct tape – Confucius says, “Because it fixes everything.” Saw that on Facebook.

Dorm Room Survival Kit: 10 Essential Items to Include!

Neon Green Duct Tape- Buy now!

#3: Screw driver with Philips and flathead – Keep it in a desk. You never know when you’ll need to fix some cheaply-made dorm room furniture.

#4: Baby wipes – They have so many uses: getting stains off of clothes, wiping up spills, le toilette purposes, and as a quick hand cleanser when public restrooms don’t supply.

#5: Electric kettle – For late-night coffee or hot ramen soup during a cram session, you can’t beat boiling water in 10 seconds.

Dorm Room Survival Kit: 10 Essential Items to Include!

Proctor Silex 1 Liter Electric Kettle- Buy now!

#6: Ear plugs – Because there’s nothing worse than screaming cheerleaders in the dorm hallway or a roommate with snoring problems when you’re trying to rest up for exams.

#7: Room deodorant spray – For receiving surprise visitors when it hasn’t been a Martha Stewart sort of day.

#8: First aid kit – band aids, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, and alcohol. Because stuff happens.

#9: Night light – for when the phone rings at 10:00 pm and you left your iPhone by the computer table across the dorm room…

Dorm Room Survival Kit: 10 Essential Items to Include!

Butterfly Optic Fiber Color Changing Night Light Show – Pink Buy now!

#10: Plastic grocery bags – Keep a stash for throwing out small trash, carrying books, and storing clothes; there’s really nothing more underrated yet multi-functional. Save

Your turn!

Will you remember to buy any of these items? Can you think of anything else important for move-in day that wasn’t mentioned?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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If you found this article helpful, then please share with your friends, family, and coworkers by email, twitter, or Facebook.

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