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Top 10 Colleges with the Best and Worst Graduation Rates

So you made it into the university of your dream. Have you checked your college’s graduation rates? Before taking a gamble on any public or private college, it’s important to know if you’ll be graduating in four years…or longer. The following colleges have the best and worst graduation rates. Is your university listed here? Because it may not be too late to switch…

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I dreamed a dream…

It’s a sad reality, but most college students who shoot for a four-year degree end up graduating much later than planned, and racking up even more student debt as a result.

Then there are the graduation hopefuls who don’t end up graduating at all, and find themselves without a degree, but with a lot of student loans to pay off…and no job in sight.

Top 10 Worst Private Colleges

If you’re going to one of these private colleges, then you’d better have a Plan B.

These pricey private colleges scored the worst graduation rates:

  1. Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, Utah- Graduation rate: 6.5%
  2. Long Island University – Brooklyn, NY- Graduation rate: 17%
  3. Benedict College, Columbia, SC- Graduation rate: 27.5%
  4. College of New Rochelle, NY-  Graduation rate: 30.1%
  5. Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA- Graduation rate: 34%
  6. Barry University, Miami Shores, FL- Graduation rate: 35.4%
  7. Florida Memorial University, Miami Gardens, FL- Graduation rate: 36.2%
  8. Bethune-Cookman University, Daytona Beach, FL- Graduation rate: 36.7%
  9. Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, HI- Graduation rate: 38.9%
  10. Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL- Graduation rate:  40.5%

Top 10 Worst Public Colleges

Public colleges are a great option to save money on tuition. Still, they’re not free. You can plan on spending thousands of dollars on books and class fees. If you’re attending any of these public colleges, you should consider relocating to a different public college or a private university.

These public colleges have the lowest graduation rate:

  1. Southern University at New Orleans, LA – Graduation rate: 4%
  2. University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC – Graduation rate: 7.7%
  3. Kent State University-East Liverpool, East Liverpool, OH – Graduation rate: 8.9%
  4. Rogers State University, Claremore, OK – Graduation rate: 11.5%
  5. Texas Southern University, Houston, TX – Graduation rate: 13.3%
  6. Ohio University Southern Campus, Ironton, OH – Graduation rate: 13.7%
  7. Kent State University – Tuscarawas, OH – Graduation rate: 13.9%
  8. Purdue University North Central, IN– Graduation rate: 14%
  9. Cameron University, Lawton, OK– Graduation rate: 14.1%
  10. Ohio University at Chillicothe, OH – Graduation rate: 15.6%

Top 10 Best Colleges

According to Bloomberg, you can put your money on Williams College of Williamstown, Massachusetts. Out of all college students who apply for a 4-year bachelor’s degree, 93.25% graduate successfully. For a 6-year bachelor’s degree, a whopping 96.44% graduate.

All in all, these public and private universities have had the best graduation rates for a 4-year bachelor’s degree:

  1. Williams College, Williamstown, MA- Graduation rate: 93.25%
  2. Yale University, New Haven, CT- Graduation rate: 90.44%
  3. University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN- Graduation rate: 90.08%
  4. Princeton University, Princeton, NJ- Graduation rate: 89.92%
  5. Carleton College, Northfield, MN- Graduation rate: 89.14%
  6. Davidson College, Davidson, NC- Graduation rate: 88.96%
  7. Pomona College, Claremont, CA- Graduation rate: 88.94%
  8. Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME- Graduation rate: 88.79%
  9. Babson College, Wellesley, MA- Graduation rate: 88.55%
  10. Duke University, Durham, NC- Graduation rate: 88.50%

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Top Ten College Movies of All Time

What are the best college-themed movies of all time? To get you amped up and ready for the new college Fall semester, here are some film classics that all center around college students like yourself, including goofball comedies, horror flicks, and dramas.

Top Ten College Movies of All Time

The Top Ten College Movies

10) The Nutty Professor

Eddie Murphy stars as Sherman Klump, an overweight harmless college professor who engineers a genetically-altering weight loss formula in order to win the affections of a female student (Jada Pinkett Smith). The drug elevates his testosterone level so high that he transforms into an obnoxious alter ego of himself: Buddy Love.

9) 21 and over

Two guys want to help their straight-A-college-student buddy (Justin Chon) celebrate his 21st birthday by inviting him out for a night on the town. Being that his birthday falls the night before an important medical interview, the friend initially declines. Eventually he acquiesces, and the ensuing drama unfolds as a quick beer run turns into a night of extreme partying and hilarious antics.

8) Van Wilder: Party Liaison

Van Wilder is the popular outgoing big man on who’s been in college for 7 years. He meets a female campus journalist who gets him to see that he is afraid of graduating. Stars Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid.

7) American Pie

Four close high school friends make a pact to lose their virginities before prom night. They find that this is not as easy as they originally thought it would be. Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, and Thomas Ian Nicholas star.

6) National Lampoon’s Animal House

John Belushi stars in this quintessential 70s college movie. The setting is on a frat house and all the “animals” living in it.

5) Scary Movie

College-aged cult film spoof of the most popular horror/slasher movies, rich with wonderfully mindless storylines and slapstick comedy. Parodying horror blockbusters like Scream, Scary Movie is absolutely hysterical and cleverly made, with self-mocking celebrity cameo appearances. Stars Carmen Electra, Anna Faris, and Marlon Wayans, written and directed by the famous Wayan brothers.

4) Dead Poets Society

This is an uplifting drama about college university English teacher John Keating (Robin Williams), who inspires his students to a love of poetry and to “seize the day.”

3) The Rules of Attraction

This is a twisted story about three disturbed Camden College students; one a drug dealer (James Van Der Beek), one a young innocent saving herself for marriage, and one a bisexual, all involved in a love triangle. Also stars Jessica Biel.

2) Good Will Hunting

Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon) is a gifted math and chemistry genius who happens to work as a janitor at Boston’s MIT. His life is changed by three people who enter his life; a mathematics professor, a talented psychologist (Robin Williams) and a beautiful pre-med student (Minnie Driver). The story is a testimony to the reality of fate and love, and that nobody can escape it. Screenplay written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who also stars.

1) The Social Network

Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius becomes the youngest billionaire in history through Facebook. The movie chronicles Zuckerberg’s rise to success as the social media mogul, including controversy as to who really invented Facebook. Told through flashbacks via deposition hearings with former college classmates, The Social Network stars Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland, Adventureland), who bears an uncanny resemblance to Michael Cera of Juno and Arrested Development.

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