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Top 20 Must-Have College School Supplies- Where to Buy

So, it’s time to make the big move to an empty college dorm room. Have you stocked up on school supplies yet? Besides ordering textbooks, collegiate paper, and pens, you’ll need to purchase some office staples that you used to take for granted at your mom’s house…like staples, for example. And other school supplies that you’ll need to be fully prepared for your first semester.

Top 20 Must-Have College School Supplies- Where to Buy

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Shop seasonally!

For best prices, always purchase school supplies during “back to school” season, in late July through August.

Buy in bulk!

Purchase school supplies like paper, pens, and paints in bulk to save time and money.

Buy secondhand!

Purchase used college textbooks for a fraction of retail costs. At Book Bargain, it’s easy to comparison shop with just a click of the button.

The big list:

When shopping for college school supplies, these basics are of ultimate importance:

1- A day planner. This will be the difference between you being a top student or a hot mess. Shop for a day planner

2- A laptop. Buy a laptop

3- Printer paper. Tons. You know those boxes of printer paper that hold about 5-8 reams of paper? Load up on about 3 of them for the year. Buy printer paper

4- College-lined notebooks. It will make your assignments look neater. Buy notebooks

5- Pens in a variety of colors for note taking. Buy colored pens

6- A graphing calculator. Most college math courses require this. Buy a graphing calculator

7- Highlighters. Buy highlighters

8- Index cards. Buy index cards

9-Digital voice recorder, for taping lectures. Buy a voice recorder

10- A backpack. Buy a college backpack

11- Pencils with refills or sharpener. Buy pencils

12- White out (correction fluid or tape). Buy white-out

13- Scissors- one large and one small one. Buy scissors

14- Sticky notes and flags. Buy sticky notes

15- A college ruler and compass. Buy rulers

16- A school pencil eraser. Buy erasers

17- Glue sticks. Buy glue sticks

18- A stapler with refills. Buy staplers

19- Scotch tape with dispenser. Buy scotch tape

20- A three-hole punch. Buy a three-hole punch

Plus, don’t forget to buy:

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