College Dating 101: Reading a Chick’s Body Language

Most people meet their future life mates in college. When it comes to dating on campus, women usually like for men to initiate conversation. To find out if a college classmate you like is interested, it helps to be able to read female body language.

College Dating 101: Reading a Chick’s Body Language

Body reading is a deceptively simple science, and armed with the right knowledge you could score a phone number and meet your lifelong soul mate.

Here are some basic clues to help you decide if she’s silently saying, “No way,” “Maybe…” or “Hurry up and ask already!”

Stance is vital. A woman who feels comfortable in her own skin will stand with her feet widely set apart, claiming the territory. This could also mean, Let’s meet for coffee after class.”

If standing with her feet close together, she’s probably intimidated or uncomfortable.  Maybe this would be a good time for an icebreaker?

Shifting of feet reveals excitement, impatience, agitation, or nervousness. If you’re at a frat party, she’s probably having a good time. In the hall, then she could be in a hurry to get to her next class.

Where is she standing? If a girl is standing near, she probably feels warmly towards you. You may have found your college sweetheart!

Is she leaning back? If if so, then give her some space. Now isn’t the time to ask for a date.

Crossed arms are a bad sign- they indicate a go-away position. Take that as a not-so-subtle No. Move on.

Open arms, however, indicate a relaxed position, and a feeling of safety.

Look at where her shoulders are pointing. Creatures will face the direction of what they want.

How about her smile- is it wide, genuine?  If a chick smiles while tilting her head, this shows playfulness and flirtation.

Look at her pupils and check if they are dilated, indicating “yes” or small, indicating “no like”.

Raised eyebrows show curiosity and interest. This could go either way, but it’s usually a good sign.

Eyes that are shut for longer than a few seconds indicate stress, despair, or alarm. Not a good sign.

Licking of lips shows interest, anticipation. This is a no-brainer.

Are her hands open? Open, relaxed arms and hands mean your date is at ease talking to you. A clenched fist means anger or anxiety. Either it’s something you said, or her new college professor just walked by.

Breathing also reveals a lot. Short halting breaths indicate nervousness, while long languid breaths signal calmness and ease.

About 99% of the time, a chick who touches her hair while talking to you is flirting.


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