College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

By now you’re good and settled into your college dorm room, having unpacked all your clothes and bought handy dorm room organizers and furniture, right? Well, if you’re a dude, then you’ve probably waited until the very last minute to start playing “Martha Stewart.” Well, here are some great college dorm room furnishings that are essentially male-ccentric, from flashing neon signs to compact sporting goods and storage.

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

Loft bed

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

A loft bed is an essential space saver for your college dorm. You don’t need to run to IKEA- this black metal finish loft bed is available at Amazon, plus you get free shipping! Get it for $198.97!

Mini trampoline

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

A mini trampoline is a great workout for rainy days, plus at 40 inches it’s super portable for your college dorm room. Get it for $39.99!

Neon Signs    

    College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes    

The Flashing Illuminated Erasable Neon LED Message Writing Board is made for restaurants, but you can also use it for your college dorm to make cool neon artwork or leave a message for your dorm mate. Get it for $44.89!

Door Sign

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

This Man Cave door sign tells everybody else in your dorm that you mean business. Make a statement to those who dare to enter, or find something else that better suits your personality. Get it for $6.77!

Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad

College Dorm Decorating Tips for Dudes

Ever notice that you’re most likely to remember important class deadlines at the worst possible moment… like when you’re in the shower and don’t have a pen and paper handy? That’s the genius of Aqua Notes. Each pad contains 40 sheets of waterproof paper; preserve those great term paper or class project ideas, organize thoughts and tasks for the day ahead, or leave messages in the shower for dorm mates! Get it for $7.95!

Wall Mounted Bike rack


If you’ve gotta ride, then you’ve gotta find space for your bike- not an easy task in a 15×15 college dorm space. RAD Cycle Products makes this awesome hoist that lets you store 2 bikes on your ceiling. Get it for $26.34!

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