Creating your Own College Major: Pros and Cons

A new trend in some American universities is to create one’s own college major. But is Independent Concentration for everybody? While more students are opting for the opportunity to draw their own unique major, some may be better off sticking to the old-fashioned route of choosing a tried-and-true college major, particularly with traditional fields such as chemistry or accounting.

Creating your own College Major- Pros and Cons

College will have its complexities, regardless of whether or not you opt for an existing college major; it’s entirely your choice. And that is life’s most essential lesson- making choices that benefit us in the long run!

Let’s weigh some pros and cons.

Creating your own college major: Pros

 1) By creating your own major, you have the option of following a unique degree that can be a resource for future students. You’re a trend-maker!

2) A custom major allows you to pursue your own educational interests on your own terms.

3) By taking the college major less traveled, you’ll be more motivated and more likely to succeed, as it will be a subject that you are really passionate about.

4) With your own custom-made major of expertise, you can push boundaries, and you’ll stand out in the crowd when applying for interviews with potential employers.

5) Some other great lessons you’ll take away in creating your own college major- time management and discipline.

Creating your own college major: Cons

1) Having your own self-drawn major can negatively impact post-graduation studies, especially if your ideas are too “out there.” (Think Franken-major.)

2) Let’s face it- You may have a hard time finding a job in a field in which you have established yourself as a non-conformist.

3) Developing your own college major is overwhelming! If you’re 100% not up to the challenge, then cease and desist.

4) There’s always the chance that you’ll put a lot of time and effort into a designer major that nobody else is interested in pursuing, or investing in.

Your turn!
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