Dorm Room 101: 15 Tips to Kill Clutter

So you’re a college student and assigned a 12×14 foot dorm room to inhabit for the next 4 years…and sharing it with another person. But what to do if you’re creativity-challenged?

Dorm Room 101: 15 Tips to Kill Clutter

No sweat! We’ve got you covered!

Use smart space

The key to maximizing space is obviously to use as much empty area as possible. Fill your dorm room with double-function furnishings, which mean furniture that has storage capacity. Some examples are plastic three-drawer units such as nightstands, ottomans with lifting tops that have storage inside, and beds with built in drawers underneath.

The second rule of thumb is: a place for everything and everything in its place. When things are stored properly in caddies and containers the dorm room has a tidier, more organized appearance.

 Top 15 Tips for organizing your dorm room

  1. For those with standard-sized beds, the space underneath can be used to store stuff.
  2. Most container and house furnishing stores have large plastic caddies with lids.
  3. Slide two or three underneath to store items.
  4. Seat sacks which are fabric seat covers fitted with pockets can be slipped over backs of chairs to also hold stationary supplies.
  5. Walls can be shelved all the way up to the ceiling to hold all your books and other items.
  6. Hooks can be hung for everything from baseball hats, purses, necklaces, scarves, to towels and backpacks.
  7. Dorm room doors can be hung with plastic shoe caddies to keep not only your shoes but also your personal items.
  8. A shower caddy hung over the shower nozzle can store items, as well as the towel rack on the far end of the shower. Use it for shampoo bottles, so the water that drips down doesn’t create mold.
  9. Keep baskets and organizers on top to make sure things stay organized.
  10. Make sure to keep your things in the containers.
  11. Corkboards hung over beds and desks can be used to tastefully hang photos, notes, and personal items instead of taped messily to a wall.
  12. A great trick for storing makeup is to take an old chalkboard, paint it black, then hang it on a wall, since most chalkboards are magnetic. Take sticky magnetic tape and tape it to eye shadows and compacts.
  13. Shoe boxes can be used inside drawers to hold underwear and socks as well as in desk drawers to hold pencils and paper clips.
  14. Sides of bookcases can be fitted with baskets found at stationary stores for papers and desktop items.
  15. Another great trick to keeping your desk organized is to use the large black and metal art paper clips to hold your computer and USB jacks. Clamp the black part to your desk edge. Then use the metal eye part to fasten the jacks up and off the floor.

Remember: good organizational skills, proper storage, and maximizing space usage will help keep your dorm room sane and get you through your next four years of college neatly.

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