College Dorm Move-In Days Items you Forgot to Pack

Only a few days left until the moment you’ve been waiting for- the day you finally move in to your new college dorm room. Are you excited? Of course you are! So keyed up that you probably forgot to pack a few essential items that you’re going to wish you had remembered, at the most inconvenient time, too.

College Dorm Move-In Days Items you Forgot to Pack - See more at:

Honeywell Super Turbo Three Speed Fan

But no worries! Because here’s a handy shopping list of items to pack into your move-in day trunk.

1) Electric fan

Most likely, you’re not going to have central air conditioning where you’re going.  And if your college dorm is like most university hangouts, then we’re talking small, cramped headquarters. Think sardines.

And once exams start coming around, and with that the classic all-nighter study sessions, you’ll probably notice a slight fishy smell hanging in the air. From soiled laundry, yesterday’s pizza…and unwashed bodies. Three doors down.

Yup, you’re going to want to pack a nice high-power floor fan. Make no mistake about that.

Order the Honeywell Super Turbo Three Speed Fan on Amazon

2) Tool Kit

It’s amazing the things we take for granted when we live at home, with mom and dad. Want a picture hung up? Look in the junk drawer, and fish out a few nails. Then go to the garage and check your dad’s toolbox for a hammer. Done.

You’re going to miss that junk drawer once you’ve moved into your own college dorm. During the course of the year, something’s going to happen that will require a quick fix, and your 5-inch pumps just aren’t going to cut it.

Save yourself some future frustration, and just bring your junk drawer with you! Purchase a handy-dandy tool kit, equipped with everything you need to assemble cheap dorm room furniture, tighten a loose screw, or hammer in a few hooks for hanging your keys or college ID.

College Dorm Move-In Days Items you Forgot to Pack

Apollo Precision Tools DT9706 39-Piece General Tool Set

Order the Apollo Precision Tool Set on Amazon

3) Surge protectors

At home, you didn’t have to worry about finding a place to charge your iPhone, work at your laptop, and listen to music at the same time. Come move-in day, you’re going to have a harder time finding a place to power up your appliances in your dorm, as electrical outlets are few in number, due to restrictions.

Come prepared with your own surge protector and extra extension cords, and you’ll be the most popular person on campus!

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But your roommate will sure love you!

College Dorm Move-In Days Items you Forgot to Pack

Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector

Buy the Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector on Amazon

Your turn!

Will you remember to buy any of these items? Can you think of anything else important for move-in day that wasn’t mentioned?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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How Not to Look like a Freshman: Advice from College Seniors

How Not to Look like a Freshman: Advice from College Seniors

You may have been the big fish in a little pond in high school, but now you’re a college freshman trying hard to go with the flow without sinking. Here are some tips from college seniors to help you swim through freshman year without looking like a clown fish.

How Not to Look like a Freshman: Advice from College Seniors

1) Don’t wear a name tag. Ever. Or a lanyard with your college ID. College orientation moderators love to hand these out because they think it encourages school spirit, but all it encourages is freshman abuse.

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2) On the other hand, don’t go anywhere without your college ID or keys, either. Nothing’s more embarrassing for a freshman than to be locked out of his dorm room because he left his keys in his dirty laundry basket.

3) Lose the college backpack. You may have a lot of books to purchase for this semester, but chances are you won’t need to carry them all to school every day. So unless you plan on “literally” living on campus, stick to a medium-sized pack that is just big enough to hold a notebook binder and a few books. Anything larger than that is bad for your back, and your freshman image.

4) Don’t even think about bringing a lunchbox. It may be the economical, greener way to do lunch, but you’ll be eating alone, or with other freshies who haven’t been informed.

5) Ladies, ease off of the makeup. Less really is more. Accentuate your natural beauty to keep that fresh appearance, but don’t use garish colors that scream, “I’m available and I want attention NOW.”

Drinking Safely in College- Top Ten Tips

6) Practice walking to class when you have time to spare. Nothing says “freshman” like pulling out a campus map or asking for directions from upperclassmen.

7) Dress accordingly. You don’t need designer clothes or sexy attire to fit in with your fellow classmates. Save the party wear for just that- frat parties! Instead, dress in comfortable casual clothing, including some college sweatshirts, caps, and tee shirts.

8) Don’t shop at the college bookstore. That’s the surest way to prove that you are really not with it, and haven’t heard that the best way to save money on college textbooks is to buy them used, or rent from a textbook rental service.

Fortunately, Book Bargain is the best place to compare book prices for all your college materials, for purchase and for renting. You can also sell back any books you don’t need, and get the most money back!

Your turn!
Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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Creating your Own College Major: Pros and Cons

A new trend in some American universities is to create one’s own college major. But is Independent Concentration for everybody? While more students are opting for the opportunity to draw their own unique major, some may be better off sticking to the old-fashioned route of choosing a tried-and-true college major, particularly with traditional fields such as chemistry or accounting.

Creating your own College Major- Pros and Cons

College will have its complexities, regardless of whether or not you opt for an existing college major; it’s entirely your choice. And that is life’s most essential lesson- making choices that benefit us in the long run!

Let’s weigh some pros and cons.

Creating your own college major: Pros

 1) By creating your own major, you have the option of following a unique degree that can be a resource for future students. You’re a trend-maker!

2) A custom major allows you to pursue your own educational interests on your own terms.

3) By taking the college major less traveled, you’ll be more motivated and more likely to succeed, as it will be a subject that you are really passionate about.

4) With your own custom-made major of expertise, you can push boundaries, and you’ll stand out in the crowd when applying for interviews with potential employers.

5) Some other great lessons you’ll take away in creating your own college major- time management and discipline.

Creating your own college major: Cons

1) Having your own self-drawn major can negatively impact post-graduation studies, especially if your ideas are too “out there.” (Think Franken-major.)

2) Let’s face it- You may have a hard time finding a job in a field in which you have established yourself as a non-conformist.

3) Developing your own college major is overwhelming! If you’re 100% not up to the challenge, then cease and desist.

4) There’s always the chance that you’ll put a lot of time and effort into a designer major that nobody else is interested in pursuing, or investing in.

Your turn!
Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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40 Weirdest Job Interview Questions Ever

Life Hacks for Dorm Life: Weird Tricks that Work

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40 Weirdest Job Interview Questions Ever

Looking for an internship position to help you work your way through college and gain experience? Get ready to be asked some unusual, perplexing questions that would make even the popular guy on the campus squirm. Like, “What do you think about when you are alone in your car?” (Really??) Don’t get caught off-guard. Here’s your go-to list of job interview questions you’ll wish they hadn’t asked.

40 Weirdest Job Interview Questions Ever

What if a penguin wearing a sombrero were to walk in right now…?

I don’t know what’s more unbelievable- the nature of these bizarre questions, or that they came from high profile mega-corporations like Google and MasterCard.

Or the fact that somebody gets paid big bucks to ask these silly, irrelevant interrogations that have nothing whatsoever to do with your qualifications in the field you’re currently majoring in.

You may think that as an experienced college student who’s seen it all that you can’t be surprised. You’d be thinking wrong…

1) If you were to get rid of one state in the US, which would it be and why? – Forrester Research

2) How many quarters would you need to reach the height of the Empire State building? – JetBlue

3) How many cows are in Canada? – Google

4) What do you think about when you are alone in your car? – Gallup

5) What songs best describe your work ethic? – Dell

6) A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here? – Clark Construction Group

7) Name five uses of a stapler without staples. – EvalueServe

8) Jeff Bezoz walks into your office and says you can have a million dollars to launch you best entrepreneurial idea. What is it? -Amazon

9) Pick two celebrities to be your parents – Urban Outfitters

10) How would you rate your memory? -Marriott

11) Name three previous Nobel Prize winners. – BenefitsCONNECT

12) Can you say: ‘Peter Pepper Picked a Pickled Pepper’ and cross-sell a washing machine at the same time? – MasterCard

13) How would people communicate in perfect world? – Novell

14) If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put inside a blender, how would you get out? -Guardsmark

15) If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be? –

16) What do wood and alcohol have in common? – Goldman Sachs

17) If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us? – Trader Joe’s

18) How do you make a tuna sandwich? -Astron Consulting

19) My wife and I are going on vacation– where would you recommend? – PricewaterhouseCoopers

20) Estimate how many windows are in New York. – Bain & Co.

21) What’s your favorite song? Perform it for us now. – LivingSocial

22) Calculate the angle of two clock pointers when the time is 11:50. – Bank of America

23) Have you ever stolen a pen from work? – Jiffy Software

24) If you had turned your cellphone to silent and it rang really loudly despite it being on silent, what would you tell me? – Kimberly-Clark

25) On a scale of 1 to 10, rate me as an interviewer. – Kraft Foods

26) If you could be anyone else, who would it be? –

27) How would you direct someone else on how to cook an omelet? – PETCO

28) On a scale of 1 to 10, how weird are you? – Capital One

29) How are M&Ms made? – UBS

30) How would you explain Facebook to your grandma? – Huddle

31) Would you rather fight a horse sized duck, or a hundred duck sized horses? – BHP Hilton

32) How would you fit a giraffe in a fridge? – US Bank

33) What makes you happy in the office on Friday evening? -Tesco

34) How many piano tuners are there in London? –

35) Just entertain me for five minutes. I’m not going to talk. – Acosta

36) “If Germans were the tallest people in the world, how would you prove it? – Hewlett-Packard

37) What do you think of garden gnomes? -Trader Joe’s

38) Would Mahatma Gandhi have made a good software engineer? – Deloitte

39) Please spell “diverticulitis.” – EMSI Engineering

40) Pepsi or Coke?  – United Health Group

Your turn!

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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10 Tips for Earning Money in College

Saving Cash on your College Tuition

Life Hacks for Dorm Life: Weird Tricks that Work

So you’re in your dorm getting dressed class, and you accidentally swipe clumpy ink on your white shirt. You need your cup of coffee in the morning, or else you’re a complete zombie, but you’re completely out of sugar, and your budget doesn’t allow for Starbucks.

What’s a poor harried college student to do?

Here are some tips for handling some of those frustrating college dorm scenarios.

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Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan

Order Urawaza here!

In Japanese it’s called Urawaza. It means simple tips, tricks, and secrets of everyday life. These are especially helpful for college students who are dorming far from home.

Here are some tried and true tricks that are included in Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan

  • Put an extra garbage bag or two at the bottom of your garbage can before putting in the actual liner. That way when you change the bag you already have one ready.
  • Vinegar Tricks: A dab of apple cider vinegar can banish blemishes, and a mix of white vinegar and tap water can be applied to your hair to make it shiny.
  • Want an ice cold beer? Wrap a wet paper towel around a beer bottle then freeze. Wait a few hours. It will be icy cold.
  • Got ink on your shirt? Put a generous amount of toothpaste on the spots then let it dry completely. Afterwards wash it out.
  • Don’t have sweetener for your coffee? Put a pinch of salt in it to lessen the bitterness.
  • Don’t waste money on plastic color-coded key covers. Just take some nail polish and paint them in different colors.
  • Take an old paper towel tube, make a small slit, and then slide onto a wire hanger to hang those slacks. Perfect for preventing creasing.
  • Put your iPhone or iPod in a bowl for an impromptu speaker. The concave shape amplifies music.

Your turn!

Have any tips to add?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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10 Tips for Earning Money in College

Succeeding in college means you gotta stick your nose in a book all day and most of the night.  So what’s a smart ambitious college student supposed to do to earn some spending cash? Here are some tips on how you can earn money without neglecting your studies.

10 Tips for Earning Money in College

Earn college money walking dogs!

1- Clean houses. Is your school in an affluent neighborhood? A savvy college guy can make $120 per day just cleaning homes, in as little as four hours. Not too shabby.

2- Wash windows. Again, hit the more upscale neighborhoods and charge $10 per window.

3- Walk dogs. Little Pookie can be walked once a day with a few other poochie friends, and you can charge $10- $15 per walk.  Or, get your client to agree to a weekly contract. The total amount of time would be 7 hours per week.

Is Your Used Textbook Sell-Back Worthy?

4- Wash cars. Offer washing and waxing, and take some pride in your work by providing additional car detailing. Give a nice rate of $40 and work out a deal where you’ll do it monthly.

5- Mow lawns. Charge $1 per minute and always use the client’s lawn mower, not your own. Remember that you want to keep your costs low.

6- Do laundry. Most mothers find that laundry is a job unto itself. Offer to wash, fold, and put away laundry at a rate of $20 per hour. Arrange a weekly deal.

7- Babysit. If you’re a college student who happens to be good with kids, offer babysitting services in the evenings. Charge $10 an hour.

8- Make sushi. Roll fresh home-made sushi and sell them around the college campus. Go on You Tube and learn how to make a California roll. Include vegan or cooked fish options. Sushi making is not hard, but it is tedious, so people will happily pay for it. Advertise for 30% cheaper than the local restaurants.

9- Sew. If you’re handy with a needle and thread and own a sewing machine, then offer to do minor mending and hem repairs. Charge between $5- $15.

10- Donate blood. If all else fails, go give up a pint of blood. They pay on average $30 and the entire process involves doing a ton of paperwork and sitting for two hours as you’re donating.

Your turn!
Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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5 Ways to Cut College Textbook Costs

2012 Colleges that were Ridiculously Expensive

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Saving Cash on your College Tuition

So you’re taking the next major step in life and entering college. When did higher education get this expensive? How does one save money on the enormous bill? Well there are a few ways to accomplish this.

Saving Cash on your College Tuition

You can have the impossible dream- pay for college tuition without going broke; you just need to approach it in a savvy manner. Do your research thoroughly, and you’ll save tons on your college tab.

 Select the right college

Approach college as a consumer, and try to get as much bang for your buck with what the college can offer you. Staying in state can significantly reduce tuition costs, as well as attending your local community college for the first two years.

Hold on! Before cringing at the idea of commuting from home, realize that your local college can offer the same level of quality education, with equally qualified professors.

Community colleges are significantly cheaper than “brand name” universities. Many successful graduates have studied for their undergraduate degrees and then transferred those credits to a more distinguished, private college.


 Match the school with the student.  What kinds of perks are available for your interests? For example, some colleges look for a particular profile such as females majoring in biotechnology, and will offer significant discounts for students that meet their target demographic.

Go fast forward

After exhausting all the obvious avenues of financial assistance, such as grants, federal student aid programs, and scholarships, consider an accelerated learning program.

Before you graduate high school, look into Advanced Placement  (AP) courses, in which the high school student earns college credits by taking a course and then passing an exam at the end. There is also joint enrollment, where the high school student takes college courses while still attending high school, enabling them to earn credits. When you enter college, take a heavier course load with summers included, and finish in three years! You’ve just saved an entire year of college tuition. Money in the bank.


Once you’re enrolled in your dream college, analyze your university tuition breakdown. Look at the amenities that you’re paying for but may not necessarily need, like bus passes, food cards, or gym memberships.

Work it!

There are work study programs such as Federal Work Study (FWS) for students who qualify based on financial need.  Students can earn funds that can be used towards paying for college tuition.

Employer aid is another path to try. An employer is covered by section 127 of the federal tax code, allowing their employees up to $5250 in tuition assistance, which the employee is exempt from reporting as income. Also, the employer can deduct tuition aid from tax filing, so it’s a win-win.

Military Tuition Assistance is another way in which you can save money on college tuition. By joining the armed forces, you can receive 100% tuition coverage. Look up for more details.

Your turn!

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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Top 20 Must-Have College School Supplies- Where to Buy

So, it’s time to make the big move to an empty college dorm room. Have you stocked up on school supplies yet? Besides ordering textbooks, collegiate paper, and pens, you’ll need to purchase some office staples that you used to take for granted at your mom’s house…like staples, for example. And other school supplies that you’ll need to be fully prepared for your first semester.

Top 20 Must-Have College School Supplies- Where to Buy

Buy the JanSport Classics Series Superbreak Backpack

Shop seasonally!

For best prices, always purchase school supplies during “back to school” season, in late July through August.

Buy in bulk!

Purchase school supplies like paper, pens, and paints in bulk to save time and money.

Buy secondhand!

Purchase used college textbooks for a fraction of retail costs. At Book Bargain, it’s easy to comparison shop with just a click of the button.

The big list:

When shopping for college school supplies, these basics are of ultimate importance:

1- A day planner. This will be the difference between you being a top student or a hot mess. Shop for a day planner

2- A laptop. Buy a laptop

3- Printer paper. Tons. You know those boxes of printer paper that hold about 5-8 reams of paper? Load up on about 3 of them for the year. Buy printer paper

4- College-lined notebooks. It will make your assignments look neater. Buy notebooks

5- Pens in a variety of colors for note taking. Buy colored pens

6- A graphing calculator. Most college math courses require this. Buy a graphing calculator

7- Highlighters. Buy highlighters

8- Index cards. Buy index cards

9-Digital voice recorder, for taping lectures. Buy a voice recorder

10- A backpack. Buy a college backpack

11- Pencils with refills or sharpener. Buy pencils

12- White out (correction fluid or tape). Buy white-out

13- Scissors- one large and one small one. Buy scissors

14- Sticky notes and flags. Buy sticky notes

15- A college ruler and compass. Buy rulers

16- A school pencil eraser. Buy erasers

17- Glue sticks. Buy glue sticks

18- A stapler with refills. Buy staplers

19- Scotch tape with dispenser. Buy scotch tape

20- A three-hole punch. Buy a three-hole punch

Plus, don’t forget to buy:

Save on All Things School by Shopping Back to Class Cyber Monday at!

Back to School Cyber Monday

Check this out!

Ace College with these Simple Studying Tips

Dorm Room 101: 15 Tips to Kill Clutter

Did we leave anything out?

Please leave your comments and suggestions!

College Dating 101: Reading a Chick’s Body Language

Most people meet their future life mates in college. When it comes to dating on campus, women usually like for men to initiate conversation. To find out if a college classmate you like is interested, it helps to be able to read female body language.

College Dating 101: Reading a Chick’s Body Language

Body reading is a deceptively simple science, and armed with the right knowledge you could score a phone number and meet your lifelong soul mate.

Here are some basic clues to help you decide if she’s silently saying, “No way,” “Maybe…” or “Hurry up and ask already!”

Stance is vital. A woman who feels comfortable in her own skin will stand with her feet widely set apart, claiming the territory. This could also mean, Let’s meet for coffee after class.”

If standing with her feet close together, she’s probably intimidated or uncomfortable.  Maybe this would be a good time for an icebreaker?

Shifting of feet reveals excitement, impatience, agitation, or nervousness. If you’re at a frat party, she’s probably having a good time. In the hall, then she could be in a hurry to get to her next class.

Where is she standing? If a girl is standing near, she probably feels warmly towards you. You may have found your college sweetheart!

Is she leaning back? If if so, then give her some space. Now isn’t the time to ask for a date.

Crossed arms are a bad sign- they indicate a go-away position. Take that as a not-so-subtle No. Move on.

Open arms, however, indicate a relaxed position, and a feeling of safety.

Look at where her shoulders are pointing. Creatures will face the direction of what they want.

How about her smile- is it wide, genuine?  If a chick smiles while tilting her head, this shows playfulness and flirtation.

Look at her pupils and check if they are dilated, indicating “yes” or small, indicating “no like”.

Raised eyebrows show curiosity and interest. This could go either way, but it’s usually a good sign.

Eyes that are shut for longer than a few seconds indicate stress, despair, or alarm. Not a good sign.

Licking of lips shows interest, anticipation. This is a no-brainer.

Are her hands open? Open, relaxed arms and hands mean your date is at ease talking to you. A clenched fist means anger or anxiety. Either it’s something you said, or her new college professor just walked by.

Breathing also reveals a lot. Short halting breaths indicate nervousness, while long languid breaths signal calmness and ease.

About 99% of the time, a chick who touches her hair while talking to you is flirting.


Check this out!

Drinking Safely in College- Top Ten Tips

Getting Along with your College Dorm Mate

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/freedigitalphotos

Ace College with these Simple Studying Tips

As a new college freshman, you’ll probably figure out quickly that college is a different world. You may have aced your classes in high school and been the big fish in the pond, but welcome to college!! Why, you ask, is college so hard? In high school, your teachers spent class time transferring material over to you, whereas in college the motto is “You’re grown and on your own.”

Ace College with these Simple Studying Tips

College professors spend a tiny miniscule fraction of their time explaining the course material, and the rest of their time waiting for you to do independent studying and trying to figure out exactly what’s expected of you in order to get a passing grade. Nice right?

With the right studying tips you can manage college and stay the course (no pun intended).

Studying for college is about time management, study space, prioritizing, and finding your learning style.

Let’s go through each one:

Time management

Organize and schedule your daily tasks in a day planner. Pick the time of day when you are able to concentrate the best. It doesn’t take rocket science to fill up your gas tank or do beer bongs, so save those tasks for “brain dead” time, and reserve study periods for peak performance times of the day when you’re most in the game.

Study space

There are a few theories about picking a studying space in your college dorm or at home. Some believe that alternating homework spots helps your brain retain information.

Others believe that a fixed studying area allows you to relax in familiar settings and is conducive to concentrating. Regardless of where you decide to “get into the zone” when cramming for exams, make sure the area is free of noise and distractions.

Some college students unplug their phones and choose an area where they know visitors cannot pop in unexpected. A well-lit calm area is also important for a good learning environment.


Sort your subjects according to difficulty, and schedule more time for the challenging college courses.

Be careful not to burnout out by studying too much at once. Take a break every few hours. You can reward yourself with an ice cream or a pizza after a particularly challenging study session.

You can also “sandwich” easier subjects between difficult ones, giving your brain a break and increasing your chances for better learning and memory retention.

 Know your learning style

There are three main types of learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, or “VAK.”

Visual is seeing, auditory is hearing and kinesthetic is hands-on or touch based.

Grades K-third grade uses kinesthetic learning, while fourth grade through eighth grades employ visual learning styles.

Beginning in 9th grade and through college, auditory teaching styles (lectures) and visual learning (linguistic and spatial) are the ideal.

Visual-linguistic college students learn by reading and writing tasks. They learn by what has been written down, and have good memory retention for the written word. They find language fascinating and express themselves well. They learn best when using spoken or reading materials.

Visual-spatial college course learners think in terms of pictures. They learn best when using written, modeled, or diagrammed materials, as well as visual media. They learn holistically instead of sequentially, and use intuition to solve problems. Visual aids are the best type of materials for these college students.

Kinesthetic learners study through touching and moving. They tend to lose concentration if there is no external stimulation. Kinesthetics like to get the “big picture” and usually have difficulty recalling what was said or seen. They learn best through a hands-on approach to college studying, and need frequent breaks.

Using good studying habits will help make your college journey manageable. Remember to keep your eye on the ball and graduate successfully. Hang in there!

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