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How to Party at College without being That Girl

Your college years will be the most important of your life, and the college party ritual is the icing on the cake. But here’s the challenge: How do you avoid being “that girl” on campus when nearly 90% of all college parties involve heavy drinking? There must be a way to have a great time at a college party AND get a higher education at the same time…

How to Party at College without being That Girl

1) Don’t be that girl.

Who is she? The one who barrels through a round of Jell-O shots before the party’s even really begun. She’s the one who wears party clothes around the campus every day, even for lectures. That girl always seems to be having a bit too much fun- she’s the life of the party at college, and she’s fun to watch…for a while.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid going to college parties. All work and no party is no way to go through the next four years of college, even if you’re serious about your major.

2) Prepare to party!

Tell a college friend who won’t be at the party that you’ll be coming back late, so she can check up on you the next day to make sure you got back to your dorm safely. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Make sure you have a ride home, but have a credit card AND cash handy, in case your friends go bar hopping and you want to take a taxi back to dorm.

3) Enjoy the party without drinking.

Believe it or not, you can go out with your college friends and have a good time without coming back to your dorm stoned drunk at 3 am.

Have your back-up lines ready:

“I don’t really like drinking. It makes me sick. And then I won’t be any fun at all!”

“I only drink on special occasions.”

“I’d rather sit here and chat.”

“I have a paper due tomorrow morning, and I’m not finished.”

“If you need a ride back to campus after the party, I’m here!”

4) Stand up for yourself!

Consider this the first of many lessons in self-assertion you will experience in college. Once you’ve made the choice not to drink in college, stick to it!

Anybody who tries to talk you into drinking at a college party is probably trying to manipulate you for his own reasons.

Real friends will respect your decision not to drink at a college party. These are the friends you will keep for life!

5) Drink responsibly

That girl on the campus drinks everything that’s put in front of her nose. Instead, follow some basic safe drinking tips when going to a college party. Eat dinner at your dorm room before the party. At the party, try to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Drinking Safely in College- Top Ten Tips

6) Have fun!

Whether or not you decide to have a drink, it’s important to keep a healthy perspective. You’re there to socialize, meet new people, and soak up the whole college party atmosphere. It’s called fun. If at any point the party starts to take a wrong turn, or stops being fun, then leave. Or find somebody else to hang out with.

7) Develop a buddy system

Before the party, you and your college gal pals should set up a code word or phrase to avoid uncomfortable or dangerous scenarios. In case a guy is coming on too strong, or you want to excuse yourself because you really have to leave early to get back to campus to study for an exam. Decide on a secret message to pass on to your friends that means “Time to leave the party!”

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Drinking Safely in College- Top Ten Tips

Revving up for a new college semester? Before getting completely hammered, follow these tips to ensure a fun evening of (mostly) safe drinking and partying with your best mates. Remember, severe alcohol poisoning could lead to blindness or death- a few things your new college professor is bound to notice when you try coming in to class on a hangover. So have a good time, but listen to your body and know when to stop.

Top Ten Safest Ways to Get Drunk Before College

Safe College Drinking Tips- Abide!

1) Don’t drink on an empty stomach…not unless you want to get snockered in mere seconds. When alcohol is consumed, it first passes through the stomach and then enters the bloodstream. Also avoid eating very low-fat or fat-free meals before going on a bender, as fatty foods take longer to leave your stomach, delaying the intoxicating effects of alcohol.

So, unless you want to get plastered in the amount of time it takes to say “Huckleberry infused vodka,” make sure to eat a greasy hamburger with fries before hitting the clubs.

2) Sip your beergarita slowly, not through a fat honkin’ Big Gulp straw. The sucking of air through a straw assists in alcohol absorption into the bloodstream, so slow down to prevent getting instantly drunk before you’ve had a chance to meet your new dorm mate and make a good impression.

3) Sugary drink mixes will get you drunk quicker, as sugar acts as a carrier to the bloodstream. So, if you’re one of those rare lightweight college students, then avoid chick drinks like Orange Dream Mimosas or Strawberry Jell-O Shooters, and stick to beer off the tap.

4) Don’t mix your alcoholic beverage with Gatorade. Gatorade is a high carbohydrate electrolyte sports drink used to replenish your body’s fluids. Why it works so well in getting you clinically smashed leaves scientists scratching their heads.

5) Don’t use a funnel or beer bong such as the “Flowmaster 3000” to ingest vast quantities of beer, not even if all your other college frat mates are doing it. Seriously, run the other way.

6) If you’re not used to doing shots of hard grain liquor, then don’t try it for the first time on an empty stomach, and definitely not before college orientation. Not unless you have a designated driver or somebody to carry you home.

7) A word about Jell-O Shots. These items are exactly what their name implies. They’re Jell-O prepared in Dixie bathroom cups made with vodka in lieu of water. These are not for the weak of stomach or inexperienced college drinkers.

8) Don’t drink liquor with big gulps. Flooding your stomach with alcohol in large doses appears to cause intoxication that much quicker.

9) Don’t drink following 45+ minutes of exercise! Researchers have reported that the body absorbs alcohol at its fastest rate after a strenuous workout.

10) Don’t try drinking alcoholic beverages quickly and then standing up. This causes an instant intoxication head rush to the brain. You may get dizzy. And you don’t want that. Really.

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