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How to meet Guys in College: Top 10 Tips

College guys 101: So you’re a single girl in an awesome college, and by now you’ve figured out that the long-distance relationship thing just doesn’t work. Time to meet some new guys, but how? Here is some expert dating advice for meeting guys in college without being “That Girl.

How to meet Guys in College: Top 10 Tips

You’ve got the hot designer labels, membership in the coolest sorority, and the latest iPhone, so…what’s missing? A new boyfriend!

Ok, let’s back up here. Was it always like this? No. You left Peter behind in Wichita and now you need a “college guy” to complete your ensemble.

Where’s a girl to look? There are plenty of places to meet guys, but you need to follow these simple rules:

1) Don’t leave without a cute ensemble!

Never leave your dorm without your make-up and hair done to the nines. You never know if that spontaneous trip to the university Laundromat is where you’ll meet Mr. Amazing on the Campus. Even Taco Bell may be a college hunk hangout! So, always do a lip gloss check. Don’t ask why.

2) Hang out in places with high guy-girl ratios

This usually means sporty, logical places to meet guys from your college. For example sports parks are a sure win. There are guys hanging out doing testosterone-filled stuff. That works to your advantage. First of all, there are no other sorority girls to compete with, so you’ll look like a supermodel just because of the odds. Secondly, their testosterone levels are up, so you’ll look like a supermodel anyways…win-win!

Great places to meet guys at college would be the Science or Computer lab- major chances there. Or try the math section in your campus library.

3) Join the campus gym.

I cannot tell you how many dating success stories started at the gym. It’s just like going clubbing without the drinking: you get hot pumping music, endorphins instead of an alcohol high, and a stimulating undercurrent in the room. Plus you’ll get fit while cruising for guys. If you’re college doesn’t have a gym, then check out something local.

4) Go to the frat parties.

Ok, so 90% of the guys at college parties are wasted or doing beer chasers, but you might meet one of the sensitive 10% in the corner. Go to as many college frat parties as you can, even if you have to crash.

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5) Eat at Taco Bell.

Don’t ask why, but college guys love fast food establishments. Tacos and enchiladas are filling food for a cheap price, so they’re a hit with the college dudes. Put on your sombrero and high heels and take a booth. I can almost guarantee you will get hit on.

6) Frequent coffee joints near campus.

This is a great way to meet guys who go to your college, but you have to use strategy. Go to the same coffee place at the same time on a regular basis for about two months. If you have no luck with that time frame, then choose another one, or a different location.

This establishes a routine where a potential suitor can watch you and know when you will arrive. This can also give him an opportunity to observe you and work up the courage to ask you out. Always refer back to rule one while doing this.

7) Shop in the guys section of a clothing store.

This is a great trick for meeting college guys. Speak loudly to the salesperson that your brother likes browns and button-ups. This is an obvious ploy to squash any ideas that you may be shopping for a boyfriend, and is subconsciously registered as flirting by the male brain.

8) Go to church…or synagogue

Every guy wants a college girl he can take back home to mom. Sunday morning services are where the marrying types hang…seriously. A dude who fulfills his religious obligations makes for good boyfriend material.

9) Ask for road service.

Pull over on the side of the road with a map. Guys love being the knight in shining armor, even academic college types. Park a mile away from college, and stand on the side of the road looking bewildered. Give it a few minutes. A guy will eventually pull over and ask if you need help. Look relieved and grateful. He’ll eat it up.

 10) Get a life.

This is the single most important rule of dating in college and onwards. Call it a law of the universe, but when you are truly focused on your life, your career, and your studies…in other words, when you really don’t have time for a boyfriend…THAT’S when you’ll find the guy of your dreams.

Please tell us…

How do you meet guys in your college? Do you have any new tips to add? Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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Drinking Safely in College- Top Ten Tips

Revving up for a new college semester? Before getting completely hammered, follow these tips to ensure a fun evening of (mostly) safe drinking and partying with your best mates. Remember, severe alcohol poisoning could lead to blindness or death- a few things your new college professor is bound to notice when you try coming in to class on a hangover. So have a good time, but listen to your body and know when to stop.

Top Ten Safest Ways to Get Drunk Before College

Safe College Drinking Tips- Abide!

1) Don’t drink on an empty stomach…not unless you want to get snockered in mere seconds. When alcohol is consumed, it first passes through the stomach and then enters the bloodstream. Also avoid eating very low-fat or fat-free meals before going on a bender, as fatty foods take longer to leave your stomach, delaying the intoxicating effects of alcohol.

So, unless you want to get plastered in the amount of time it takes to say “Huckleberry infused vodka,” make sure to eat a greasy hamburger with fries before hitting the clubs.

2) Sip your beergarita slowly, not through a fat honkin’ Big Gulp straw. The sucking of air through a straw assists in alcohol absorption into the bloodstream, so slow down to prevent getting instantly drunk before you’ve had a chance to meet your new dorm mate and make a good impression.

3) Sugary drink mixes will get you drunk quicker, as sugar acts as a carrier to the bloodstream. So, if you’re one of those rare lightweight college students, then avoid chick drinks like Orange Dream Mimosas or Strawberry Jell-O Shooters, and stick to beer off the tap.

4) Don’t mix your alcoholic beverage with Gatorade. Gatorade is a high carbohydrate electrolyte sports drink used to replenish your body’s fluids. Why it works so well in getting you clinically smashed leaves scientists scratching their heads.

5) Don’t use a funnel or beer bong such as the “Flowmaster 3000” to ingest vast quantities of beer, not even if all your other college frat mates are doing it. Seriously, run the other way.

6) If you’re not used to doing shots of hard grain liquor, then don’t try it for the first time on an empty stomach, and definitely not before college orientation. Not unless you have a designated driver or somebody to carry you home.

7) A word about Jell-O Shots. These items are exactly what their name implies. They’re Jell-O prepared in Dixie bathroom cups made with vodka in lieu of water. These are not for the weak of stomach or inexperienced college drinkers.

8) Don’t drink liquor with big gulps. Flooding your stomach with alcohol in large doses appears to cause intoxication that much quicker.

9) Don’t drink following 45+ minutes of exercise! Researchers have reported that the body absorbs alcohol at its fastest rate after a strenuous workout.

10) Don’t try drinking alcoholic beverages quickly and then standing up. This causes an instant intoxication head rush to the brain. You may get dizzy. And you don’t want that. Really.

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